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Title Author Date  
John Morar Testimony
John Morar shares his testimony regarding how the Lord helped him to escape communist Romania.
John Morar Sunday 10/21/2012 (AM)
Sustaining Grace
Pastor Gary encourages the church to remember that God is working in everyone's life.
Gary Piercy Sunday 09/30/2012 (AM)
Who Then Can Be Saved?
The story of Zacchaeus is more than a story about a small man who climbed a tree. Pastor Gary examines this story in light of the the question, who then can be saved.
Gary Piercy Sunday 09/16/2012 (AM)
OK So How Do We Live? Live Like Jesus
In light of everything that is going on around you, Peter encourages believers to live like Jesus lived.
Gary Piercy Wednesday 09/12/2012 (PM)
The Church - Out of This World
Pastor Gary teaches concerning the importance of the Church.
Gary Piercy Sunday 08/12/2012 (AM)
Living Letters
The Apostle Paul noted that we are living letters read by all. How does your life read?
Gary Piercy Wednesday 08/08/2012 (PM)
Upsidedown Kingdom
Ryan Post teaches regarding the reality of God's call to a Kingdom that is different than the kingdoms of this world.
Ryan Post Sunday 07/29/2012 (AM)