Life Development Classes: Learning to live God’s way.
At NLC’s

NLC Children's Church
Sara Piercy leads the NLC Children's Church Program by engaging your children in an energetic age-level Bible lessons. Sara is passionate about the Lord and loves teaching children the truths of God's Word. Your children will enjoy learning God's Word so that they can mature in their dedication to Jesus for their entire life. Sara believes that teaching children biblical truths while they are young establishes a firm foundation for their lives so that as they grow older, they will continue serving Him. Sara has a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Houston. As a child, Sara participated in the children's ministries of the Assemblies of God including Junior Bible Quiz, Missionettes, and children's church.

NLC Missions
NLC Missions represents world outreach efforts that take place every day. The sun never sets on NLC Missionaries as NLC supports Assemblies of God Missionaries that serve in countries around the world. In addition, NLC supports the efforts of various domestic and world outreach efforts such as Convoy of Hope, a ministry that provides food, supplies, and hope to the impoverished and suffering around the world and in the midst of disaster.

NLC Prays
NLC Prays offers quarterly opportunities for corporate prayer. God graciously invites you to come before him through His Son Jesus Christ. Every Saturday at 4 pm, NLC Prays offers you an opportunity to reach out to God in prayer. In addition, at the beginning of each quarter, NLC Prays by gathering each night for a week to pray. These weekly and quarterly prayer gatherings represent the life breath of NLC. Make these prayer gatherings a priority in your life!

NLC Youth
Marked identifies the NLC Youth Ministries as those who are marked to shine like stars in the midst of their generation for Jesus Christ. God has called us to provide sound biblical teaching and application to the NLC youth enabling them to live for Jesus as bold witnesses whether at home, at school, or in the community. Marked meets weekly at NLC in addition to reaching out to the community and enjoying youth outings for fun and fellowship.

NLC Worship
NLC Worship leads you into the presence of God Almighty! Through exciting praise and worship, you will discover avenues through which you can express your love for Jesus. Additionally, worship provides an environment through which you can experience God's gracious restoration for your soul. NLC Worship creates an environment for you to experience and express spiritual and genuine worship to God!